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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The mission to strengthen the relationship between Omaha and Carlentini through culture, technology, education, exchanges, and travel opportunities will improve diplomacy beyond these two cities with projects, programs and events. 


Meet The Team

President of Carlentini Omaha Association.

After a degree at the University of Literature in Catania, she moved to New York and Montreal,  Canada. She was born and raised in the Carlentini area. Her great grandfather emigrated to Omaha in 1921  and after 9 years he was naturalized as an American citizen, then he decided to come back to Sicily and this choice has changed the destiny of the family.

Eleonora has always felt a strong connection with the USA and now that she has discovered the story of her family, she knows why. To fulfill her desire to travel, Eleonora has been a tour guide since 2005.


Eleonora is most interested in traveling, studying anthropology, literature, Sicilian culture, singing, cooking and wine. In her projects, she wants to write a book about ancient recipes belonging to the grandmothers, and another book about the history of Sicilian emigrants, she teaches Italian and her dream is to facilitate the interaction between the two communities.


Recently, Eleonora has earned her status as a sommelier. 

Her motto is “Let’s build a bridge between Sicily and USA”

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