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Omaha’s Italian Community: A Culture of Social Engagement

The bulk of Italian immigration in Nebraska … owes its existence to the fact that a number of prominent and influential Italian leaders in Omaha sought unskilled laborers from the home towns from which they, too, had emigrated. Naturally, other immigrants, more or less closely connected with this stream of unskilled labor, either by ties of family relationship or of friendly association, felt the natural attraction of coming to Nebraska. Emigrating mostly from the same few provinces and towns, it was simply a question of “following the leader.” The movement in this case became simply contagious – it seemed that as one came to Nebraska so came the rest. Brother followed brother, father followed son, family followed family, and friends followed friends. (Fiore 17)

Second Sunday Talks...

Feb 13, 2022

College of Saint Mary

"Second Sundays at DCHS are an opportunity to showcase topics, past and present, that all have direct relevance to Douglas County, Nebraska. Join us in our exploration of the buildings, people, and events that have shaped the community we live in!"

~DCHS website 


Pat Venditte, Joe Caniglia, Sam Troia share family stories of life in Little Italy and growing up Italian in Omaha. 

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Kim Matteo explains how her ancestors helped the transfer of workers from Carlentini to Omaha. She further explains her family's involvement in the restaurant business.

Carmelita de la Guardia sings Italian songs to a sold-out crowd at the event.

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